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This skin clearing face cream gently moisturizes, repairs, and soothes skin to restore hydration and clear the skin. This lotion also makes a great make up remover! Breaks down make up effectively, easily, and gently. This is a great staple to have as it has many purposes and is great for every day use.

- regulates oil production whether you have dry or oily skin
- moisturizes and hydrates for soft, supple skin
- cleans skin of acne as it has antibacterial properties
- effectively removes make up without drying skin
- repairs and prevents damage

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, essential oils of tea tree and lavender

DIRECTIONS: Apply to wet or dry skin, massage, allow to absorb into skin


  • Most Olivia's Organics products come in amber glass bottles in jars in order to protect the contents from exposure to light that could alter the effectiveness. Always store your natural beauty products in dark, cool, and dry areas.
  • Products made with coconut oil or other oils that change state depending on the temperature may melt or solidify here and there. It is normal for your products to change state, and they are still effective either way. However, if you prefer a certain consistancy, store your products accordingly. For example, you may want to refrigerate a moisturizer before use on a hot day.
  • Do not use products containing essential oils until you have properly researched them. Some people with certain health conditions or pregnant/nursing mothers should not use them and you should always talk to a doctor before using herbal products or essential oils.
  • Olivia's Organics is not responsible for any poor reactions. Always use products as they are intended and always conduct a patch test before committing a product to your skin.
  • Olivia's Organics are not reviewed by the FDA and are not guaranteed to cure/treat any medical issues.
  • Some products are made from nut butters and oils. Please check the ingredients list.
  • Olivia's Organics is always open to custom orders! Please email me at with any questions or requests.

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