Being More Eco Friendly

In an effort to contribute to doing what is best for the earth and to spread this desire, Olivia's Organics has several initiatives.


Recycling Program - Send back your containers for a discounted refill

Save the box you received your order in and reuse it when it's time to refill the product. Send the empty container back to me in the mail and I'll refill it for 20% off, plus free shipping!

Address to send it back to: 391 Barton Rd, Apalachin, NY 13732

Reusable Containers 

As always, our glass jars and bottles are completely reusable. Once you've emptied them, wash them out, and use them again for whatever you can think of!

Biodegradable and Plantable Packaging - Plant select empty containers 

Zero waste is a goal to strive for. Olivia's Organics is currently working on an initiative to include seed packets with our biodegradable cardboard containers so you can plant them once you've emptied them.


Starting soon, all orders will be shipped in cardboard boxes filled with plantable paper filler and a plantable card with a special note written from me.