Acne Spot Cream

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Made with just 3 all natural, organic, unrefined, and pure plant based ingredients, this spot cream effectively gets rid of pimples and acne without over-drying. Plus, a little goes a long way so this cream will last a long time.

A little information on how this cream works:

Shea Butter 
Easily absorbed into the skin, shea butter moisturizes and treats without clogging pores. Shea butter is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so it heals and rejuvenates skin. I only use high quality, unrefined, raw shea butter so you can trust that you're putting only the good stuff on! 

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is antibacterial so it can effectively fight a range of acne causing bacteria. Jojoba oil closely resembles the composition of human sebum which, when applied to the skin, can trick the skin into thinking you have too much sebum and in turn cause your skin into stop producing more of it. This makes skin less oily and more clear. Jojoba oil also has antioxidant effects, cleansing abilities, and the ability to soothe itchy, red skin.

Tea Tree oil
A powerful antibacterial oil, tea tree penetrates deep into the skin to unclog and disinfect pores. Tea tree oil will fight against acne causing bacteria to cleanse and heal your skin, reducing acne and inflammation.

These 3 ingredients come together to clear break outs and acne. I am always amazed by its effectiveness. Simple, yet effective, this recipe will give you clear skin without the use of harsh chemicals.


I recommend apply with a Q-tip before bed. Spread the cream over blemished area and allow to melt into skin a little before going to sleep. This cream is most effective when left on for a long time as an overnight mask (8 hours is ideal). Wake up and look at your beautiful skin!

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