Getting Things Done When You Have No Time

November 12, 2018

Achieving my goals in the midst of a really busy schedule has become an enormous challenge for me. For the past year, Olivia's Organics has sat on the back burner while I focus on school, my jobs, and my relationships. Running a business entirely on your own takes a lot of time and energy that I haven't been able to give, but I keep looking for ways to make it all work. For so long I continued to tell myself I would do better when I finished school. But now, with just less than seven months before I graduate, I'm feeling more and more disappointed with myself and pressured by myself to do more. It's almost like the closer I get to that date I thought I'd finally be able to focus more on my business, the more I think it'll never happen unless I do something about it now rather than push it off.

I remember how much of a priority Olivia's Organics was when I first started it. Making my next new product was the first thing I did. Now, I feel immense stress at the thought of the Olivia's Organics to-do list I have. But I've been thinking more and more about time management and wondering if there's a different way to get this stuff done.

And what did I come up with? I made the following list of tips to help me get s#@% done, and I think you'll find it inspiring as well.

Make Goals

This one kind of seems like a given, but it's actually pretty easy to overlook. Take a second to write out your goals. Write it out in pretty colors, include doodles -- anything to make it prettier to look at. Or type it out and make it look nice. Because if this list looks good, it's enticing, and most importantly -- approachable. You want to make it something that you'll want to look back at because the more you look at it, the more you're reminded of what you want.

Say No!

I can't stress this one enough. This is one I have had a lot of trouble with, and it's one that I've been working really hard on. Remember your priorities. It's nice to help people when you can, but if you have something important you need to get done, don't be afraid to tell someone "no" for once in your life.

Just Get Rid of Those Distractions

Netflix calling your name? That pillow looking extra inviting? Just look away, say no, and get tough. Look back at your list of goals and remember what is important. Netflix and pillows will be there when you're done, and you will have earned them when you've accomplished your tasks. But for now, be strong and go in the other pillow-less room and take yourself away from any distractions. Put yourself in an environment that will keep you focused.

Ask For Help

You have a strong support network of friends and family who are there to help, even if you don't realize it. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. Many hands make light work, and you will feel a huge weight off your shoulders when you get some help. And don't worry about troubling those around you. Be thoughtful, polite, and don't take advantage of anyone, but remember it's okay to ask for some help. People will be happy to lend you a helping hand!

I can't say that I've mastered every item on this list; I'm definitely no expert. I still have days where I'd rather take a nap, sprawled out on the couch. But I hope this helps you work on yourself and improve. I think of these tips as things to remind yourself often on and work towards. Work hard but don't get discouraged if your pace is a little gradual. I know we'll get there.

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